Anne Arundel College Ayurveda Yoga Specialist Certification Program

The Ayurveda Yoga Specialist program begins June 8 at Anne Arundel Community College. This incredibly rich course offers you the opportunity to explore the science of Ayurveda while becoming proficient at creating specific dosha-balancing yoga practices for yourself, family, friends and students. Learn about the six tastes and using food with awareness to increase health and well-being. We will go in-depth on the doshas, gunas, vayus and koshas. Learn how they all influence our mental and physical well-being.

The first three weekends can be taken in any order, so if you can only fit a couple in this summer, do! Then take the others when Kathryn returns in 2013. The fourth weekend must be taken after the other three as it ties the other three together and goes more in-depth with using Ayurveda clinically (for yourself or others). It includes developing a dinacharya (daily routine) and learning about tongue and pulse diagnosis.

The certification is awarded by the Himalayan Institute with continuing education units from AACC. This program counts toward your 500RYT at AACC. Hours also count as continuing ed units for Yoga Alliance.

Dates: June 8-10, July 13-15, August 10-12 and August 17-19

Contact: Lynn Matthews
Phone: 410-956-6025

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